Players Are Building a 1:1 Model of the Entire Earth In Minecraft!


The popular Minecraft world building game has been a playground for environmental artists and creators to build complex structures and even large-scale cities. We have seen professional Minecraft builders create entire cities with various structures in the game. Now an enthusiast has taken on the responsibility of building a 1: 1 model of our entire planet in Minecraft.

the the project is called “Building the Earth” and was started by PippenFTS. The creator has been working on the project since last year and has built 1: 1 models of important natural creations like Mount Everest, the Grand Canyon and other similar places in the Minecraft world to eventually build a 1: 1 model of the Earth set in the game.

Coming to the technical details, the Minecraft artist uses custom mod packs for Minecraft, namely Cubic Chunks mod and Terra 1-to-1 mod, to build the 1: 1 models. These mods allow the creator to exceed the vertical height limit of 250 meters in Minecraft by virtually changing the shape of the in-game building blocks to a 16 x 16 x 16 cube. This allows for infinite build depth in both vertical directions ( up and down).

With the help of these mods, PippenFTS built models of various structures to fill the eventual 1: 1 model of Earth in Minecraft. Moreover, the project is a collaborative effort and even you can contribute to it by submitting your designs via the official project website.

Someone is building a 1: 1 model of Earth in Minecraft!

In fact, many Minecraft builders created models of real-world buildings and structures to help with the project. Recently a designer named DanielTNC built a 1: 1 model of the Taj Mahal in India, while another contributor built the apple daily headquarters located in Hong-Kong.

You can check out the official PippenFTS YouTube channel to see 1: 1 models of various buildings, structures, cities, and even continents in Minecraft. To learn more about the “Build the Earth” project, you can watch the attached introductory video.

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Rodney Carroll

Rodney Carroll