Kraken: create an account

How to create a Kraken account

In this article we will explain how to create an account in Kraken. For this you must follow the steps that we provide below and you will have no problem to get it.

Accessing the Kraken portal ( you will find the following form. Complete your data and check the acceptance box for the privacy policies and terms.

Políticas de Kraken
Kraken’s policies

Seréis redirigiros a una nueva página y recibiréis un mensaje automático al email que hayáis indicado. Acceded a vuestro correo y encontraréis un mensaje como este.

Registry email

Podéis hacer click en el enlace que facilitan o copiar de manera manual lo clave de activación. Con este dato y los introducidos por vosotros previamente podréis validar la creación de la cuenta.

Activar cuenta Kraken
Kraken’s account activation

Una vez activada la cuenta tendremos acceso al portal de Kraken.

Portal de Kraken
Kraken’s portal

At this point we have to carry out some simple procedures with Kraken so that they allow us to operate, both with digital assets (cryptocurrencies or tokens) and with money (FIAT). Kraken uses a user validation model by levels, depending on the level that we manage we are allowed to perform operations with greater or lesser volume.

For an average user we recommend enabling operations level 2 as it will allow us to operate and income FIAT money can later be exchanged for other assets. To achieve this, you must provide Kraken with the documentation requested in the table below. It does not usually take more than 48 hours to complete the procedures, if the validation time is extended we recommend contacting them to check if there is any problem with your request.

Niveles de Tier
Tier levels

That’s all folks, by following these simple steps you will already have an operational account on the Kraken portal. You only have to decide with what assets you want to operate and start doing it.

If you have any questions or queries you can contact us through the email address and we will answer you as soon as we can.