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Kraken: activate 2FA

From CryptosMonitor we strongly recommend that you secure your accounts. You can use double authentication factor in Kraken. Remember, we are solely responsible for our assets and the security surrounding them

If you don’t have a Kraken account we recommend to follow the tutorial to create one: Kraken create an account

We explain how we can enable the double authentication factor in Kraken (2FA) quickly. Access our account and go to the “Security” menu. We click on the activation button of the double authentication factor (Two-factor authentication).

Then, a menu will open showing us the different options available to enable 2FA. We recommend using authentication with apps. It is much safer than using a static password and does not require specific hardware to enable it.

We use the default configuration to link the access password with our authentication application.

We read the QR code with the camera of the mobile device and enter the code that appears on the screen.

Once the configuration process is finished, we can verify that our account has an active double authentication factor.

This change means that each time you want to access the portal we will have to enter our password and the code that facilitates the application that we have on the mobile.

If you browse a little more through the “Security” menu you will see that the use of 2FA can be forced. This serves to perform other actions in addition to accessing the web.

If you have any questions or queries you can contact us. You will find us at the email address We will answer as soon as we can.