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Peculium Roadmap is updated, Do not miss the changes with which Peculium and AIEVE surprise us!

Peculium will offer a variety of products for the management of cryptocurrency assets that can best adapt to the needs or interests of its users, whether individual users or institutions. These products will offer varying degrees of autonomy over the management of their users’ assets, ranging from completely autonomous (suitable for users and investors) to highly customizable (suitable for professional traders, large institutions and traders who are interested in providing plans. customized for your clients).

To carry out these products, the Peculium team with 20 years of experience in Machine Learning has developed the financial adviser AIEVE. AIEVE is based on an artificial intelligence engine that obtains information from multiple sources: financial markets, media, social networks …. With all this information is able to predict the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency markets in real time with high reliability.

Uses algorithms risk management algorithms to minimize risks and optimize and continuously diversifying investments to achieve the maximum benefits.

Current prouct

Currently, Peculium has published AskEve, from which any user can register and for a weekly fee can obtain the predictions of the next 5, 10 and 15 minutes on the trend in percentage to the rise or fall of the 10 currencies with the highest current capitalization ( BTC, ETH, XRP, …). This time allows you to make investments in advance based on their predictions to obtain a more secure benefit.

The following link shows information on how to take advantage of the current product:

The payment method to make use of Peculium products will be through their Token (PCL).

In the future it will be possible for the engine to operate transparently for the user and to manage and increase the user’s capital automatically.

  • The following screenshot shows an example in which AIEVE starting from $ 1000 has automatically achieved 400% (more than $ 4000) of benefits in 5 months despite operating in a bear market:

Future Products

Peculium provides three types of intelligent contracts to secure transactions, facilitate the process and guarantee speed and security: SOLIDUS, ALTERUS and SINGULUS.

  • Comment that smart contracts are programs that are executed to help you exchange your money without intermediaries in a decentralized way and safely in the blockchain.

SINGULUS and ALTERUS are fixed term contracts in cryptoactives. AIEVE provides investment advice on demand, with the help of the recommendations provided the investor negotiates on his own.

Initially, investors configure their preferences in terms of the asset class, the level of risk, etc. The capital invested is blocked until the end of the period set in the contract.


It is the basic plan that includes a savings solution that maximizes security and stability in real time. Many options and features are available to SINGULUS users, such as fund management, self-management tools and facilitated interaction utilities to call agents and partners.


ALTERUS is an intelligent contract designed specifically for companies and financial institutions. ALTERUS provides a much greater control over the parameters of savings management, which allows companies and financial institutions to attract brokers or delegate the management of their portfolio in their financial department.


The Solidus product is an asset management solution that allows B2C and B2B customers to invest in crypto-assets through intelligent contracts in an automatic and totally transparent manner.

Initially, investors configure their preferences in terms of the asset class, the level of risk, etc. The capital invested is blocked until the end of the period set in the contract. The capital invested is insured according to the level of risk selected.


The planned roadmap is the following:

The access to the dashboard in real time (AskEve) was advanced by publishing it on June 14, we will closely follow the dates of the following planned products.


The team of Peculium (, has 20 years of experience in Maching Learning and Artificial Ingeligencia:

  • Rachid Oukhai, CEO
    • Rachid has twenty years of experience in data processing and analysis, and has been working on specific applications in BigData projects. Prior to Peculium, Rachid created Upsilon, a company specialized in data management.
  • Abed Ajraou, CDO
    • With 20 years of experience in Data Science and a master’s degree in Computer Science, Abed is one of the top 50 leaders in Data Science in the United Kingdom. Abed was an information management manager at Accenture.
  • Bruno Chouanga, PMO
    • Bruno has 20 years of experience in data and data centric. He also has experience in People Management and Projects with a focus on team building, equipment delivery, quality and process.



Peculium has the ambition to become the first savings platform for individual users, traders and companies that exclusively target the cryptocurrency market, using the power of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology (Ethereum).

It is a project with great projection and in which it is worth investing a% of your portfolio and holdear.

Currently, PCL can be purchased at the IDEX and Hitbtc exchanges.

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