ICO Analysis – Cryptosolartech (CST)

How does Cryptosolartech work?

Cryptosolartech will create a farm of up to 3,000 mining equipment that will be managed by the company that will provide the energy for these. Rental services will also be provided to use these mining equipment for the owners of CST tokens. The company that will provide the energy for the mining equipment farm will do so using a park of solar panels with the capacity to generate up to 45 MW of electricity. The advantages of this management model and energy consumption are many:

  • Reducirá los altos costes económicos asociados al consumo energético generado por los equipos de minería.
  • Facilita el acceso al usuario a la tecnología de minería para que pueda beneficiarse a nivel económico sin la necesidad de tener un alto nivel de conocimiento en la tecnología.
  • Disminuye la huella medioambiental producida por este tipo de actividad, las granjas de servidores dedicados a la minería consumen una gran cantidad de energía eléctrica (muchas veces proveniente de combustibles fósiles y/o energía nuclear).
  • Reduce el poder de las grandes empresas dedicadas a la minería, democratizando el acceso y uso a estos recursos.

Their own ecosystem

Solar energy will be used to transform it into electrical energy through the photovoltaic park and feed the mining equipment. Users must acquire CST tokens in order to use the mining services provided by Cryptosolartech. With these token you can rent the service and get a return.

Cryptosolartech may re-sell the tokens already used to provide continuity to the service.

Where will the facilities be located?

Cryptosolartech is a 100% Spanish project and the facilities will be located in Andalusia, specifically in Malaga and Seville. The mining equipment farm will be located in an industrial building enabled for this purpose in Malaga and the photovoltaic park in Seville. In addition, a service center will be located in the mining equipment farm to perform repairs on the equipment, reducing the downtime of these at least 93.5%, which will make the mining service more efficient. The location chosen to seat the photovoltaic park has taken into account the capacity in terms of power generation. In Spain, 2,500kWh / m2 can be generated. Using solar plants to supply energy to mining plants has a much more efficient energy cost than conventional methods.

Economic profitability

In addition to knowing what the project consists of, what objectives it has or who are responsible for carrying it out; make no mistake, as investors we are interested in knowing the profitability that is going to give us an investment. According to the analysis carried out by Cryptosolartech, an investor that purchases tokens now (token value € 0.10) would have an annual return of approximately 36%. This means that if we invested for example € 1,000 and used the mining services, in one, we would obtain approximately € 360 in addition to the initial investment, a total of € 1,360. The numbers speak for themselves, if everything goes according to plan, the project offers high profitability to investors who buy tokens during this last ICO phase.


The planned roadmap is the following:

Take advantage to get your CST tokens before the end of the ICO round.

Transparency as a way of being

Cryptosolartech does not save anything for itself, the company offers all possible information regarding the company and its product to potential investors and users. It is possible to access the Smart Contract code repository of Cryptosolartech on GitHub. They also provide information on security matters. It is possible to review the safety audit report made to Cryptosolatech just two months ago. In addition, we have available in the user area of their website information regarding the economic energy and mining models. They know what they are doing and they are sure of it, hence they are completely open to the world, there is no doubt about it.



Cryptosolatech aims to change the current energy consumption model by reducing the environmental impact of these operations. Using renewable energy will not produce CO2 emissions. It is an investment with low risk for the investor having a physical support with the solar park that supports the investment. It is a safer way than others to access the market for cryptocurrencies. In our opinion, this project will have something to talk about!