HitBTC: create an account

In this article we will explain how to create an account in HitBTC. For this, following the steps that we provide below you do not have to have any problem to get it. We start!

Accessing the HitBTC portal (https://www.hitbtc.com) you will find the following form. Complete your data and validate the captcha.

crear una cuenta en HitBTC. Registro
Create an account on HitBTC

You will be redirected to a new page and they will send you an automatic message to the email address that you have indicated. Access your email and you will find a message like the following one in the image.

Confirmación correo en HitBTC
HitBTC email confirmation

You can click on the link provided and you will finish validating the creation of the account. Once the account is activated, we will have access to the HitBTC portal.

Portal de HitBTC
HitBTC portal

That’s all folks, by following these simple steps you will already have an operational account on the HitBTC portal. You only have to decide with what assets you want to operate and start doing it.

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