HitBTC: activate 2FA

From CryptosMonitor we strongly recommend that you secure your accounts with double authentication factor in HitBTC. Remember, we are solely responsible for our assets and the security surrounding them

How? That you do not have a HitBTC account yet, do not miss how to create it: Create an account on HitBTC.

Activate double authentication factor in HitBTC

We explain how we can enable the double authentication factor in HitBTC (2FA) quickly. Access our account and go to the “Security” menu. We will find the following screen.

Activate 2FA on HitBTC

Before starting remember to save the private key (show button) and the backup code. This way we will not lose access to our account in the case of not having access to our mobile device.

Using the mobile device we read the QR code provided in step 2. Then, we enter the code that we see on the mobile screen to confirm the synchronization.

After these steps we will see on the screen that the device has been linked. An email will have been sent to us to verify that it is correct.

Verificar doble factor de autenticación
Verify 2FA authentication

Access the email and click on the link it contains.

Correo doble factor de autenticación
2FA email authentication

We will be able to verify that the confirmation request has disappeared by means of electronic mail. Our mobile device has already been validated.

Validación doble factor de autenticación
Validation 2FA

This change means that each time you want to access the portal we will have to enter our password and the code that facilitates the application that we have on the mobile.

If you browse a little more through the “Security” menu you will see that the use of 2FA can be forced to perform other actions besides accessing the web.

If you have any questions or queries you can contact us through the email address info@cryptosmonitor.com and we will answer you as soon as we can.